Meet the Partnership

The partnership was established in 2020 to provide infrastructure owners with a turnkey clearance solution. Our integrated tools are intended to support and simplify the process from capture to clearance.

We share mutual values of innovation, agility and disruptive technology and our toolsets are market-leading in their respective areas. Jointly awarded major projects in the UK, we strive for our technology to be able to support every major network in the world.

Project leadership and management

With a presence in the Americas and the UK, the project leadership and management is overseen by directors of each discipline. Ensuring strategic alignment and overall customer success, these professionals are will be key account leads for customers to ensure effortless project delivery.

Colin Johnson

CEO for D/Gauge

Mike Turner

Chief Revenue Officer for Cordel

Nick Smith

VP Europe & Middle East for Cordel

Nick Wayne

VP Americas for Cordel

Technical Leadership

The Technical leadership team have substantial experience in the strategic and technological alignments for projects and customers. The team consists of LiDAR, Survey data, Rail, and Clearance and software experts who come together to provide technical assurance and diligence to projects.

Steve Cartledge

Technical Assurance for D/Gauge

Rebeka Sellick

Technical Assurance for Cordel

David Johnson

Technical lead for D/Gauge

Aaron Hoye

Technical lead for Cordel

Delivery management

The delivery team consists of software, product and engineering leads who manage teams of professionals. They are subject matter experts in their respective technologies and focus on the implentation, logistics and delivery of projects.

Dave Steward

Software Lead for D/Gauge

Ian Johnston

Engineering Lead for D/Gauge

Jordan Chapell

Software Lead for Cordel

Paul Mullins

Product Lead for Cordel

About the Partnership The Cordel & D/Gauge partnership delivers breakthrough automated intelligent clearances to international markets. Established in 2020, the alliance brings two specialist disciplines which dramatically improve the quality and performance of railroads.

Trusted with maintaining and monitoring clearances for the UK and Australia's largest networks, D/Gauge and Cordel deliver proven technology which offers multiple benefits to railroad operators. With better visibility and management of networks, network owners can safely enlargen corridors, increase efficiencies and maintain passenger safety.

The partnership sees a second-to-none, seamless migration of survey technology used for clearances. Good quality data leads to good quality decision-making, and the partnership achieves high-standards of working.

Frequently Asked Questions Get instant answers to your partnership and contracting queries.

How does the partnership work?

The partnership comes together to provid a dedicated commercial and technical lead. They will work with you and the team to develop a solution to meet your challenge and budget.

What can you offer that others cannot?

We can offer a seamless integration, from capture through to clearance. You are also supported by a development team who can configure tools to your exacting requirements.

Who will I be contracting with?

Customers only need to contract with one entity for the duration of the project. Depending upon your preference (we have flexibility with our international operations) and the weighting of project requirements, we can discuss the best organization to contract through.

How long has the partnership been together?

The partnership has been together since 2020, and we have worked on multiple projects and bids over that duration.

What's the benefit of the partnership?

Together, we harness the knowledge and innovation of two specialist suppliers, who can offer a complete turn-key experience, normally offered by Large Corporations. This allows you to receive the combined services without comprising agility, customer service and value-for-money.

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