Network Clearances for Network Rail

In 2020 D/Gauge were awarded a contract from Network Rail to calculate, maintain and monitor a clearance database for their entire rail network in England, Scotland and Wales. The previous system being used by Network Rail was struggling to cope with the volume and frequency of data that was being collected from modern LiDAR systems, resulting in long delays in generating and analysing clearances. Network Rail were unable to quickly add or remove standard vehicles. This often-prevented planning and maintenance teams from having access to the most current information.

Network Rail’s requirement was for an online system, available for all internal staff (1200). It needed to automatically analyze and report all required clearances in a meaningful format (over 250,000 distinct locations). The survey data was being frequently updated (around 50,000 new survey records per month). It needed to analyze Network Rail’s 105 standard vehicles. It required the functionality to create and download reports customised to Network Rail’s requirements.

We configured the software user interface and report templates based on requirements stated by Network Rail teams. We took an agile development approach and actively sought real-time feedback throughout the development process to guide refinement and tailor the best possible software experience to the end users. During this development period we were providing monthly PDF clearance reports based on the latest survey data available.

Above image: Route specific clearances and appropriate standard vehicles

Our current contract runs to April 2024 and we are in active negotiations to continue providing Network Clearance past this date, and also supply Network Rail with additional clearance software to enable custom out-of-gauge clearance assessments (equivalent to High and Wide assessments).

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