Passenger Boarding Assessment for UK Operators

In 2014 the UK commissioned a research project to categorise all the platform gaps in the UK. This was an ambitious project looking at all UK stations (over 2,500), all UK passenger rolling stock (over 80 at the time) and all UK operators (23 different operators at the time). D/Gauge were part of the research team and supported with clearance assessment and review. Human factors experts were also involved to help evaluate the risk associated with different gaps. The findings of the research helped inform changes to future standards and was completed in 2016

The project remit was to provide gap clearances (known in the UK as stepping distances) in .csv (Excel) unencrypted format. This was a sensible approach given that this was a single research project. However, D/Gauge were approached by a number of the train operators to see if they could use the data to inform their local risk assessments. They also needed any results to reflect updates they had made to their fleets or any upgrades Network Rail had made to the infrastructure.

In 2017 D/Gauge created a ‘proof of concept’ application to allow train operators online access to the research findings. The application filtered only the appropriate information for that operator and presented the information in clear and concise manner. We were asked to present to the Rail Delivery Group (an organisation which represents all UK train operators) and they instantly saw value in the application and commissioned us to create the commercial version.

During 2017 we developed the commercial application in partnership with the passenger train operators. We added lots of new design features and custom reports. We also worked with each operator to accurately define their train timetables. We update the platform gaps every month aligned to new survey data supplied by Network Rail. The application is regularly used by most mainline operators on a regular basis.

Above image: Passenger Stepping Assessment for a Route

We are currently contracted until February 2023 and are in active negotiations to extend the contract again (we have already had the contract extended 3 times).

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